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RZR Clutch Kits and Belts

Making all the power in the world doesn't matter if you can't put it to the ground. The biggest flaws in factory clutches are turning the correct RPM. This is why we offer clutch kits which include the primary and secondary springs, along with adjustable clutch weights. The adjustable clutch weights allow you to add or subtract weight to dial in RPM for your machine. Whether you have 100's of pounds of accessories, bigger wheels and tires, or are running paddles these weights will allow you to have perfect clutching in all situations.

Check below for our shim kit to remove the secondary circlip retainer.

Clutch Kits
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RZR Belts
Tired of blowing belts? Upgrade to a high performance G-Boost belt specifically designed to handle the heat and stress of high HP Turbo RZR's. While all belts will eventually fail these were built stronger and tested holding over 300hp. In our testing the belts run cooler, and have proven stronger and to last longer than any other belt we have tested. Plus they are cheaper then the expensive OEM belts!

RZR Belts
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RZR Secondary Cirlip Delete Kit/ Belt Deflection Shims
This kit uses shims to remove the circlip retainer from the factory secondary. The circlip is a giant pain to remove, plus most of the time it doesn't set the proper belt deflection. If your RZR is hard to shift between gears, or the secondary is spinning when in park or neutral you need this kit!

This will also allow 2016 Turbo RZR's to run 2017 and newer belts.