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RZR Big Turbo Kit

One of the biggest limiting factors on the RZR is the small factory turbo. Boost can only be increased so much before it becomes a choke point blowing hot air. The answer? A big turbo! With a billet compressor wheel re-countrouc exhaust turbine and modified housing you will be on your way to making big power!

This big turbo kit includes everything needed for installation, and will increase power to 190 RWHP on pump gas or use our Big Injector kit to run e85 for +200 RWHP. Kit includes the big turbo, adjustable clutch kit, Silicone charge intake tube, BOV, Intercooler tank, and custom tuning.

This kit can be purchased with or without the Big Injectors. The bigger injectors are required for 2016 models or if you want to run E85.

Big Turbo Upgrade
Clutch Kit
Silicone charge Air Intake Boot
Billet BOV
Intercooler Tank

RZR Big Turbo Kit

Note: This kit takes a stock turbo, and machines the compressor and turbine housings to accept larger impellers. A good condition stock turbo is required, or pay a $1000 core charge.