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RZR Turbo Accessories

Turbo Charge Tube and BOV
The Turbo RZR's come from the factory with the worst designed intake tube and BOV. They are made of cheap plastic, and is one of the biggest failure points on the entire machine. The intake tube typically will develop cracks around where the BOV is mounted leaking boost and potentially allowing dirt and water into the engine. The factory plastic BOV is notorious for sticking and not functioning properly. Plus it has difficulty holding higher boost pressures of tuned engines.

This kit replaced the factory intake tube with a 4-layer reinforced silicone walls tube which handles heat and elevated boost. It comes with a billet BOV that can be plumbed like stock into the intake or includes a filter to be vented to the atmosphere.


Intercooler Tank
The biggest issue all turbos battle is heat. Colder air = more power. This tank separates the intercoolers coolant from the engine coolant, thus the intercooler no longer getting hot engine coolant. This results in a colder intake charges allowing the engine to make more power, and substain that power much longer reducing heat soak.



RZR Intercooler Tank




Upgraded Turbo (turbo only)
Your factory turbocharger is completely rebuilt with new bearings and seals, upgraded with a billet compressor wheel, recontoured exhaust turbine, and modified housing. The rebuild process time for reconditioning is estimated at 2 weeks. Each reconditioned turbocharger includes a 1-year warranty.

This big turbo is then capable to support +200 HP at the wheels!


RZR Big Turbo Upgrade