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X3 Tuning, Clutch, and Injector Kit


Power Vision and Custom Tuning Package

DynoJet's Power Vision tuner allows for flashing of the factory ECU's parameters, creating logs and clearing codes. Our custom flashes enables us to dial in air/fuel, spark, boost and many other parameters. You will recieve a Power Vision module and a Geisick Performance tune file. This will increase power, torque, boost, and throttle response, all why removing factory limiters.

Power Vision with Geisick Custom Tuning $449

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PV Tuning and Clutch Kit

This package includes the Power Vision tuner with Geisick Performance custom tunes, and a complete clutch kit. This is the best bang for the buck to maximize potential on the X3 platform.

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Tuning, Clutch, and Big Injector Package

Want to make crazy power to leave everyone in the dust? This kit includes the Power Vision tuner along with our custom Big Injector Tunes, Big Injector kit, and a complete clutch kit. We can supply both gas and e85 tunes which can be flashed anytime to switch between fuels. This kit will maximize power from the stock turbo and is also a great mod for future big turbo upgrades.

Can select to have 1 or 2 tunes.
(2 tune option comes with gas and e85 tuning)

X3 Power Vision, Clutch Kit, and Big Injectors