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Clutch Kits

In modified engines the first thing to wear out is the clutch. The more power you make the more you need a heavy duty clutch to hold the power.

These clutch kits come with new steel plates, fiber plates, and stiffer springs. These clutch kits increase holding surface area, and also increase holding pressure. In many cases these clutch kits work so well they eliminate the need for a lockup clutch.



Direct Drive Lock Up Clutch
Direct Drive lock up clutch kits are some of the best designed and highest quality clutches on the market. The kits come with the lcck up clutch, all mounting hardware and accessories an a modified cover. Available for most 450's, Raptor 660's and 700's, and Banshee's.The Raptor clutches require modification to the stock clutch cover, so a core is required.

Sling Shot Lock Up Clutch
We also offer Sling Shot lock up clutches for those who want a lock up clutch with out the hassel of a modified clutch cover. These lock-ups replace your stock clutch pressure plate with a new one utilizing low profile ball bearings. This allows for everything to fit under the stock clutch cover, but offer the same great clutch clamping pressure of a regular lock up.