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The YFZ/YFZR/YZ 100mm pistons are custom CP pistons desgined to work in our 100mm cylinder kits. They come setup at 14:1 compression with a stock stroke crank, featureing larger valve pockets for bigger valves and high lift cams. They also are designed with proper clearances with our +5mm stroker cranks.

The Raptor 700 105.5mm and 105.5m stroker pistons are setup at 14:1 compression ratio with big valve pockets for oversized valves and large lift cams. The stroker piston has the piston pin moved up 2mm for stroker cranks like the +8mm or +12mm cranks. The standard 14:1 piston will work with stock stroke or the +5mm cranks.

They can be ordered as piston kits only, which includes the rings, wrist pin, and circlips. Or with the piston kit and top end gasket kit.

Raptor 700 105.5mm 14:1 Stroker (used with +8 and +12mm cranks)
Raptor 700 105.5mm 14:1 (used with stock or +5mm cranks)
YFZ & YFZ 450R/X 100mm 14:1