KTM, GAS GAS, Husqvarna 480cc Big Bore Kit

This is a complete kit including everything needed to bolt on a big bore kit for KTM, Husqvarna, and GAS GAS 450 models from 2016 to 2022.

  • Kit includes a Geisick Performance cylinder, Custom JE 98mm Piston kit, and Cometic Head and base gaskets.

  • Custom designed JE piston is a light weight design, with 14.5:1 compression, and built in clearances for big valves, and big cams.

  • Cometic gasket kit includes head and base gaskets. (always check all clearances during assembly to ensure proper specs due to factory variances)

  • Proprietary cylinder machining increase gasket sealing to eliminate head gasket issues

  • Utilizes custom steel sleeve for maximum strength (steel is much stronger than aluminum cylinder with coatings. This is the reason all major auto manufactures have aluminum blocks with steel sleeves!!!!)

  • Designed with additional piston skirt support improving piston and cylinder wear

  • Bolts on with no case modification

  • Better ring seal and less blow by equals more power

  • Excellent cooling characteristics for the most demanding racing situations

  • Last longer and is more reliable (no coatings to flake off)

  • Great option to fix damaged stock cylinders, and if sleeve becomes damaged a new one can be installed quickly

  • Retains OEM appearance (OEM Core Cylinder is required for sleeving or there is $800 core charge)

  • Crank Balancing to the piston is HIGHLY recommended.