Polaris Turbo Big Injector Kit

This is a kit for the Polaris RZR Turbo from 2016 to present. It includes 2 new High Performance fuel injectors with will supply enough fuel to support +240hp!!!

  • Direct bolt in injector which installs in minutes
    Supports +240hp on gas (Rated at 850cc/min or 80lbs/hour)

  • Easy to tune as they are properly sized for 99% of applications. (most companies sell injectors grossly oversized making for rough idle, and wild AFR fluctuations)

  • A must have mod for any modified engine as the factor injectors will be maxed out with a simply reflash. 

  • Excellent for use with e85, modified motors and big turbo kits.
    Superior fuel atomization resulting in more power than any other injectors on the market, including the stock fuel injector!

  • Tuning and injector kits available for gas or E85

  • Works on 2016 and +2017 models


When these injectors are installed tuning is required to optimize air/fuel ratio. Power Vision tunes can be purchased from Geisick Performance, or we can send you a Power Vision 3 module with gas or e85 tuning, or both. This way you can easily switch between tunes, or even flash the ECM back to stock.