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Raptor 660 Camshafts

We offer Hot Cams, Mega Cycle Cams, and Web Cams for the 660 Raptors. Custom cam grinds also available.

Hot Cams
Hot Cams are one of the best values in camshafts currently available on the market today. These cams are made from new billet stock, which eliminates the need for a core. They are not only convenient but have also proven to produce great power!!! Plus they are now offered in three different style starting with the Stage I cam as a drop in cam. The Stage II is a great cam to produce power all throughout the RPM's and minimize low end losses. The stage III (also called the "stroker" cam) is for those wanting to gain even more top end.

Stage I Cam
Stage II Cam
Stage III Cam

Mega Cycle Cams
Mega Cycles offers great cams for those who like to drag race, or just like the feel of a higher revving engine with more top end than traditional cams. For the Raptor 660 they offer the x4 and x14 cams to deliver in this area. The x4 cam is a great cam that provides great top end power but still has strong low end and mid range power.

For those who like to drag race the x14 cam is for you. It is a high revving top end cam to provide the highest power output of any cam offered for the 660's.

Custom cams ground to our specs to provide maximum power where you want it! Call for details.

Custom Grind Cams
Mega Cycle x4
Mega Cycle x14

(Note Mega Cycle Cams require a stock cam core in good condition)