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Raptor 660 Crankshafts

+4mm Hot Rods Cranks (88mm stroke)
The Hot Rods crankshaft uses a standard length heavy duty rod. This crank has proven it self as a great drop in stroker crank that will be ready to run. These cranks are built with heavy duty rods, bearings, and crank webs.

+4mm Crankshaft
102mm Stroker Piston 10.75:1 Pistons
Geisick 102mm 14:1 Stroker Piston
Geisick 106mm 14:1 Stroker Piston

+6mm and +8mm Cranks
We offer both +6mm cranks and +8mm cranks to use in those monster engine builds wanting more hp torque and a broader power band. The +6mm cranks can be setup to use any off the shelf piston, and the +8mm cranks will need a stroker piston. These cranks require your stock crank core. +10mm stroker cranks are also available. Call for details.

+6mm Balanced Crankshaft
+ 8mm Balanced Crankshaft
+10mm & +12mm Cranks
Crank Balancing

**Cost of crank balancing does not included the cost of heavy metal or replacement of worn out bearings etc...