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Raptor 700 Camshafts

Hot Cams
Hot Cams offers brand new cams, and are not re-ground stock cams. This means there is no need for a cam core and there is no down time waiting for your cam to be re-ground. Hot Cams offers three cams for the 700, the stage I, stage II, or stage III cam. This is a great economical choice to bump up power, and they don't require valve spring kit.


Megacycle Cams
Megacycle builds excellent cams for the 700 Raptors, which have proven reliability. They have also come out with a large race
cam profile the x7 which is a great cam for drag racing or larger engien builds.

Web Billet Cams
Web has billet cams for the Raptor 700 engines that provide a great choice and seleciton, with out needing a cam core.
Their new stage IV Cam is a great top end cam, and is highly recommended for drag applications.

Megacycle Cams

Megacycle Camshafts

Web Cams
Stage I, II, III, IV
Hot Cams
Hot Cam Stage I, II, III
Custom Cam Profiles (custom cams for more power)
Heavy Duty Valve Spring Kit
SS Valves (includes all four larger valves)