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Raptor 700 Crankshafts

The 700 Cranks are offered in +5mm, +6mm, +8mm, +10mm, and +12mm strokes. The +5mm crank allow the use of any standard off the shelf piston. This gives you a wide selection of piston choices.

The +6, and +8mm cranks will require a special "stroker" piston. These pistons are available in both 102mm, 105.5, and 108mm sizes in a variety of compression ratios.

+10mm and larger cranks come with longer rods and require spacer plates, studs, and cam chains.

Other length stroker cranks and custom pistons are available. Call for details.

+5mm Crank
+6mm Balanced Crank
+8mm Balanced Crank
+12mm Balanced Crank


Note: Cost of crank balancing does not included the cost of heavy metal or replacement
  of worn out crank parts.