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YFZ 450 Crankshafts

Geisick Performance now offers a variety of stroker cranks for the YFZ 450. From the drop in +3mm crank to all out drag 74mm cranks we have you covered. The best part is these cranks have been engineered with reliability and performance in mine, then dyno and field tested to be proven reliable setups with big power capabilities.

Unlike many other stroker cranks on the market Geisick Performance crankshafts come with long rods to maintain a good stroke to rod ratio. Our 72mm Crank setup has the best rod ratio on the market! This provides more power with greater reliability for long engine life.


+3mm Crankshaft (66.4mm)
+6mm Crankshaft (68.4mm) - Balanced (requires spacer or tall cylinder)
72mm +8.6mm Extra Long Rod Crank - Balanced (requires spacer & tall cylinder)


Parts for tall cylinder: Spacer plate, cam chain, studs, dowels, bolts, Oil Line Spacer
Custom Cranks and rods available, call for more info
Crank Core Charger
Crank Balancing


***Note: Crank Balancing is highly recommended. Does not include price for heavy metal