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YFZ 450R/X
565cc Engine Kit

The 565cc engine kits is the all out power monster and works in both the YFZ and YFZR/X engines.
It makes huge power and torque, but with the addition of a new balanced crank it revs quick and runs smooth.
This combination makes a great kit for those looking for all the power they can make from a YFZ.



Parts Kits: require customer to send
in stock parts for modification.



Prices subject to changed based on condition of engine, and additional parts/labor required.

565cc Engine Kit Includes:

100mm Tall Cylinder Kit
72mm Long Rod Crankshaft
100mm CP Piston Kit
Custom Web Racing Camshafts
High Flow Head Porting
+1mm & +2mm Titanium Valves
Big Bucket head Modification for Larger Cams
Heavy Duty Titanium Valve Spring Kit
Complete Gasket Kit
Longer Cam Timing Chain


Parts Kit - $5275