Dyno Tuning

Geisick Performance offers dyno tuning for ATV's, Motorcycles (dirt bike or street bikes), UTV's and
anything that is 64" or narrower.

For ATV/Motorcycle our rates are listed below. Call today to schedule an appointment

Dyno Tuning Rates
Dyno Rate/hour - $125
 PC5 or MSD Mapping - $195 (complete tune)
Polaris RZR and Maverick X3 Custom Tuning $300  

Dyno Guidelines
1. Make sure it is full of the fuel you want to run
2. The air filter is clean
 3.  Oil and coolant are fresh and at the proper level
4. Fresh spark plugs are always recommended
5. Wash/clean your machine. If something is completely covered in mud and filth, we will not dyno it until it has been cleaned.
6. REMOVE SPARK ARRESTORS – The dyno uses a probe in the exhaust to record air/fuel.
7. If it is a new or rebuilt engine, make sure it has the proper heat cycles performed so we can start tuning.
8. If you have paddles or wheels spacers please remove them. Maximum width is 64”